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A word from 2023 BGCMW Youth of the Year

Nihjae Perkins


I believe I can represent the youth of America by showing me, the real me, Nihjae Perkins. I am a Club Kid a child who grew up in a single parent home who found comfort in coming to the club to play basketball with my friends after school. I joined Keystone Passport to Manhood and many other different activities that the club had to offer so that I could spend time here at BGCMW.


I am the Youth of America. I am now a senior in High School going to graduate in June 2023. I will always be a BGC Club Kid but I am now an employee too. I am a Group Leader for the Boys & Girls Clubs of MetroWest Discovery Club. I will be attending college this Fall semester in Florida studying Nutrition and Business Management. I am just a small part of the Youth of America but I represent the Youth of America.


The impact I will make as National Youth of the Year will be through my personal ambition to succeed as a youth from a small town to give all youth a voice that is heard and to continue to be a mentor in the BGCMW programs giving programs that let children have safety structure and routine just like I needed to become who I am today. By returning each year with more knowledge and success I will be helping build up the confidence of the children in these programs and my home town to continue with their goals dreams hopes and to keep pushing forward. I want to give the youth strength and courage to keep working hard for what they want. There were three leadership characteristics I selected on my resume that will help prepare me to make an impact as Youth of the Year.

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