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Why the Boys & Girls Clubs of MetroWest?

We know that you receive many requests for donations and you may ask yourself...


  • How do I know where my hard-earned money is going?

  • Am I REALLY helping?

  • But why should I even donate?


The Boys & Girls Clubs of MetroWest believes in serving ‘the youth who need us most’ – and it is because of YOU and your generosity that this is possible.


Your selfless act of donating to the Clubs helps to keep our membership fee low - meaning that more youth can access the Club each day.


Every dollar that you donate goes directly to providing high quality, engaging, and fun programming at a low-cost to the families who need it most.

Consider giving a monthly gift!
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To view our Impact Report in PDF form click on the image below
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Follow a member through their day at their respective Clubhouse. Click on the videos below!

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Lais - Framingham Clubhouse

Lais - Framingham Clubhouse
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Lais - Framingham Clubhouse

Lais - Framingham Clubhouse

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Samaya - Marlborough Clubhouse

Samaya - Marlborough Clubhouse