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BGCMW Virtual Art Show & Auction

Art Show Flyer.png

What is the Virtual Art Show & Auction about?

We will curate a Virtual Art Gallery & Auction featuring art pieces from our own BGCMW members from all 3 of our communities- Marlborough, Hudson, Framingham.

What will the event feature?

  • Original Artwork/drawings and paintings

  • Beaded Jewelry

  • BGCMW Limited Edition T-shirts

  • and more!

Where will this event take place?

It's a virtual event! You can participate from your own home. Please stay tuned for more information in the next coming weeks!


When will this event be?

You can view the art show and participate virtually at any time from May 18th to May 25th.


Who can participate?

Everybody! Please spread the word!

How much is this event?

It's FREE!!!

How do I register?

On May 18, you can register here on this page. See you then!

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