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A word from 2024 BGCMW Youth of the Year

Angelina Sousa


The Impact I will make as National Youth of the Year is the same impact the club had on me. I will choose to make a difference in my community. I will continue to  try my hardest day by day to be an influential role model for the children I come across during my time at the club. I will show my leadership and dedication in every moment when helping within the club.


The three leadership characteristics I selected on my resume will help prepare me to make an impact are decisiveness, adaptability, and communication skills. I chose decisiveness because within my club experience as a member and as a staff I was always allowed to make effective decisions. These could have been decisions on who I feel would be the most helpful to me in my work area, or even decisions on how to deal with a child’s unusual behavior.

My professional experience helped prepare me to make that impact as Youth of the Year because I was well-trained in knowing how to deal with children. This is represented when I am leading my Torch Club group of fourth graders. This was also shown when I was given the option to work in practically any area I liked, whether this was art room staff, lego room staff, or what I am today, leading the games room.

Thank you for considering me for the role of National Youth of the Year. I appreciate the opportunity to be given this role to make a difference in the lives of the youth within our organization.

2023 Youth of The Year - Nihjae Perkins

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