How would I go about signing my child up for the after school program?

A membership form needs to be filled out, along with a transportation contract if you plan on having your child take the bus after school. Both forms can be found on the specific Club page that you wish to send your child to.

Are there any membership requirements?

Membership is available for youth between the ages of 6 and 18. Membership is open to all youth regardless of gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or income. 

What is the cost?

Annual Club membership dues are $25 per year. Transportation fees may vary. Contact your club for more information.

What are the Club hours?

During the school year, the hours are as follows:

Grades 1 – 5:
Dismissal – 6:00 PM

Grade 6:
Dismissal – 9:00 PM

Grades 7 – 8:
Dismissal – 9:00 PM

Grades 9 – 12:
5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Do the Clubs have Summer programs?

Yes, we do have a Summer Camp Program at each of our three Clubhouses as well as a Discovery Club. Registration opens in March and is ongoing throughout the Summer. 

Do you provide membership fee scholarships?

Yes, we have a financial aid application and a voucher program. Financial aid applications are available on-site. For more information on the voucher program, call 508-856-7930 or visit

Do you provide meals/ snacks?

We have Keystone Café and/or vending machines at each Club where kids use their own money to purchase snacks. Kids can also bring their own snacks from home. We do not supply snacks or meals unless stated otherwise.

Do you provide transportation?

Transportation is provided from local schools to the Boys & Girls Clubs of MetroWest for a monthly fee.

Are you open during school breaks or holidays?

We are open during all school vacation weeks and many holidays along with the Summer.

What is your closure policy?

If school is closed due to snow then the clubs are also closed.  Each town may have different closures, but we follow that town’s public school call.  We  also try to close early on the days that schools have an early release due to snow.

What are the fees for the Happy Hours program?

Registration is a non-refundable $75 fee. Tuition pricing varies by class.