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Delma Josephson
Founder of Marlborough Girls Club

Delma Josephson became interested in creating a Girls Club in 1964, inspired by her own positive experiences at the Worcester Girls Club and her desire to provide similar opportunities for her daughter. With the advice of Boys Club Director D. Joseph Hannagan, Delma and her friend Marylou Vanzini founded the Girls Club in Marlborough.


Delma served in various roles, including President or Vice President and Board member, and even taught classes and helped fundraise. She served as Chairperson of the former Girls Clubs of America National Board of Directors for Region VII and on the former Marlborough Boys and Girls Club Advisory Board and Board of Governors.


Delma believed there was a strong need for the Girls Club, and over 1200 girls applied for membership in the first year. The club faced challenges early on, but with the help of dedicated volunteers and community agencies, they were able to provide stimulating experiences for girls, including on their Girls Club on wheels bus.

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