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Barbara Masterson joined Girls Inc. in 1985 as a Happy Hours Preschool teacher and was promoted to Preschool Director in 1988. In 1995, a fire forced the preschool to relocate to Freeman School for a year, before merging with the Boys Club to become the Marlboro Boys & Girls Club.


In 2007, Barbara's Happy Hours Preschool obtained national accreditation, a voluntary and challenging process that recognized it as a high-quality early childhood program. Throughout the past two decades, and presently, Barbara led a team of dedicated teachers who organized annual Family Dinner Nights, Spree Days, and fundraising events for Cystic Fibrosis.


Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020, Happy Hours Preschool has remained open with Barbara at the helm. Her dedication to her job is evident in the many former students who have contacted her over the years, including a recent visit from a parent who had attended Happy Hours over 30 years ago.

Barbara Masterson - Headshot 2023.png

Barbara Masterson
Happy Hours Preschool Director

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