Emily, Club Member, Age 11
“The Club is really a great place.  The staff members listen to the kids, they include everyone, and they encourage us to do our best and be our best.  I can be unique, I can be myself and everyone supports that at the Club.”

Larianny, Club Alumna
“As a kid, I always felt like the staff was inviting and all inclusive.  It was easy to see and feel that they cared … You shouldn’t look at this organization as just a Club where kids have fun.  This is a safe place where kids build skills, build dreams, and formulate their goals for the future.”

Michelle Thier, Parent
“As a mother, one of my biggest worries was finding an affordable, safe place for my son after school while I was working. The club was suggested and from the day we stepped foot through the doors for a tour we immediately felt like family. Not only did it give me peace of mind that my son was safe, the staff gave my son the tools every boy needs to succeed in life. They say it takes a village, right? Well, I could not agree with that saying more, especially when talking about the Boys and Girls Club.”